15 best entry-level jobs for the class of 2023

Anyone entering the job market this year is likely worried about job openings and security. But while the economy has remained on the precipice of a recession all year, the labor market still favors workers.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies plan to hire 14.7% more graduates from the class of 2023 than the previous year, hinting at the continued labor shortage in the U.S. However, some jobs offer more stability and opportunity than others in a precarious economy.

Personal finance resource WalletHub compared 108 entry-level positions, scoring each job out of 100 points based on factors like starting salary, number of job openings, projected job growth by 2031 and number of fatal occupational injuries. WalletHub even measured the likelihood of a position being replaced by a computer, accounting for the growing use of technology like AI in the workplace. However, tech-forward positions like engineers, analysts and web developers made it to the top 15. 

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Ultimately, the class of 2023 should remain optimistic heading into today's job market, underlines Jill Gonzalez, an analyst at WalletHub.

"This year, grads entering the workforce have a distinct advantage due to the existing labor shortages that are making employers desperate to hire," she says. "Applicants have a lot of leverage to secure a good benefits and compensation package. They should try and make the most of that leverage."

Depending on the position, graduates may be able to take their leverage far and get their careers started on the right foot. Here are the 15 best entry-level jobs for those new to the labor market.


Score: 77.73

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Environmental health safety engineer

Score: 72.69

Safety technician

Score: 72.54

Landscape architect

Score: 70.93

Hardware engineer

Score: 70.24

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Certified nursing assistant

Score: 69.15

Operations research analyst

Score: 68.20

Electronics engineer

Score: 67.91

Web applications developer

Software engineer

Score: 67.39

Electrical Engineer

Score: 66.90

Market Research Analyst

Score: 66.70

Systems engineer

Score: 65.25

Certified occupational therapist assistant

Score: 64.32