10 highest paid jobs in the U.S.

While inflation has slowed down in the last few months, there's no question that living in the U.S. continues to get pricier each year. For those uncertain about their career path, they may want to look at not only which professions pay well, but are also in demand. 

Job search site Lensa examined which skilled occupations had the most job openings, paired with competitive annual salaries, pinpointing 10 professions that make well over the median annual income in the U.S. of $54,132. 

Jobs in the healthcare industry topped the list, an area desperately in need of more workers. Notably, both physician assistants and nurse practitioners ranked in the top two on Lensa's list and boast median six-figure salaries. And given that the American Hospital Association estimates the industry will need to hire at least 200,000 nurses a year to meet patient needs, there's plenty of opportunity available in these professions. 

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High paying jobs in the tech industry also made the list, despite the waves of layoffs this year. Software engineers and software developers ranked four and five, hinting that these fields are still viable options for employment.

Here are the highest-paid jobs that are in demand nationwide, according to Lensa

Physician assistant

Annual salary: $104,860

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Nurse practitioner

Annual salary: $103,880


Annual salary: $103,010

Software engineer

Annual salary: $102,280

Software developer

Lecturer within healthcare

Annual salary: $97,870

Information security analyst

Annual salary: $95,510

Personal financial adviser

Annual salary: $90,530

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Annual salary: $86,850

Biomedical engineer

Annual salary: $85,620