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The State of Healthcare 2023: Is your benefits game plan working and designed to endure?

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Employers and employees alike are struggling to keep up with the cost of healthcare — and they won't see relief anytime soon. Now more than ever, choosing the right healthcare benefits can be cost and life-saving. New research from Arizent reveals whether employers and employees are on the same page, or if employers are failing to meet their workers' needs and should rethink their benefits game plan.

Among the key findings in this report include:

  • How employers perceive their benefits and what tools they use to make benefits decisions.
  • If employers and employees agree on the affordability of healthcare and if employees are satisfied with their benefits despite the cost.
  • The barriers employees may encounter booking appointments for providers and receiving care.
  • Whether employees have effective healthcare navigation tools to combat the complicated, costly U.S. healthcare system.
  • How COVID-19 continues to impact employee health and workplace safety alongside its lasting legacy on workplace culture and benefits.
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