Full Spectrum Care: How one integrated solution can guarantee cardiometabolic results

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The vast majority of Americans live on a spectrum of poor cardiometabolic health — in fact, only 2.7% of US adults are living a healthy lifestyle, according to a 2016 Mayo Clinic study. This means that an overwhelming majority of Americans are overweight or live with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, or other cardiometabolic conditions — and many have multiple conditions at once. It should come as no surprise that many of your client's employees fall into this category.  What's more is that these conditions cost upwards of $500 billion per year for your clients and US health plans.

A siloed approach to treating these conditions just won't cut it for your client's people or their costs. It's simply inefficient and expensive to offer a different care solution for each cardiometabolic condition. Your clients need a full-spectrum care option to offer their employees to ease these pain points.  Vida's virtual care solution guarantees results for the full cardiometabolic spectrum and reduces your clients' costs by:

  • Serving diverse populations filled with members of all ages, backgrounds, and cardiometabolic health acuities in one platform 
  • Encircling members with personalized, human-led care teams to address and treat co-occurring cardiometabolic conditions at the same time
  • Guaranteeing results for employers by putting 100% fees at risk for physical and mental health outcomes