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Who cares for caregivers?

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The Great Resignation has revealed that if companies do not invest in their workers, workers will not invest in their company — and ultimately walk. But new research from Arizent uncovers how many employers remain uncertain in prioritizing a substantial portion of the workforce: caregivers. Executives and benefits leaders across healthcare, finance, insurance, technology, manufacturing and retail disclose where their company stands on caregiving benefits and what's holding them back from putting caregivers first.

Among the key findings in this report include:

  • How many leaders identify as caregivers and yet still feel uncertain about how many are burdened with similar responsibilities in their workforce
  • Why leaders believe employees are walking away from their company — and where caregiving fits in the overall narrative of the Great Resignation
  • The level of impact leaders believe expanded caregiving benefits could have on their company's recruitment and retention efforts as well as DEI goals
  • Which caregiving benefits are considered the universal bare minimum for leaders, and if those benefits are proving to be valuable to their workers
  • Why employers are hesitant to invest in caregiving benefits
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